Our week so far.

So been a very busy/stressful week so far. With lots going on, we haven’t had a chance to breath!
We have been making the most of family time & catching up with a few play dates here and there. Poor kiyan is teething badly this week which as meant he has been a grizzly bear but regardless he has been making his mama & dada laugh lots in between. We have also been taking advantage of the weather at the moment. Even though it’s very chilly, the sun has been shining so I can’t complain. Lots of nice walks around the park to get some fresh air for mama and baby.
I also took a little trip to Harrow to do some personal bits and got completely lost, my crazy sat nav sometimes takes me to the wrong places :/ but eventually got there in the hand, all thanks to my amazing dad.
Kiyan got to see his favourite uncle this week after so long and you can imagine how happy he was.

I would do anything to be holiday right now and sitting in the sun, with a cocktail in hand Hehe! Dream on.

Anyways, I would to hear how your week is going? X



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