Do not waste your pennies!

I saw a similar post on Model mummy’s blog and it actually made me giggle and brought me back to when i was pregnant. Put your hands up if you are guilty of the following … Bulk buying anything and everything imaginable? Lets face if when your first time parents you have no clue where to start & what your going to need and you are lured into the world of advertising and naturally just buy things that you think yeah were going to need this. But let me tell you don’t waste your money.

Here is a list of a few things we bought and ended up being useless to us.

Baby bath?

We did not even use this once & collected dusk in his wardrobe. At the first i was completely terrified of giving kiyan a bath and the thought of holding him one handed scared me incase my hands slipped. So we always either top and tailed him or he had a bath with one of us.

Cute little outfits?

Lets face it. The first few weeks/months you will be so tired that you won’t want to be faffing around with little outfits when you will both be sleeping/ in bed for most of the time and you will most likely put on this gorgeous/expensive out and it will either get milk vomit/poop on it to only be changed again in 5 seconds.

Nappy bins?

Do not even waste your money to get a separate nappy bin. It stinks and end of!

Cute soft teddy bears?

Were so guilty of this and before you knew it we had a complete army of soft lil teddy bears just collecting dusk. They will not care for them, you are better off getting maybe a learning/stimulating toy. Even til this day kiyan will not even acknowledge the teddy bears in his room.

Baby shoes?

Don’t even bother! We pent way too much money getting stupid little shoes and they kept slipping off and before you knew it his little footsies grew. Save it til when they are crawling/walking.


We only used a couple of times. Wasn’t even useful and kiyan couldn’t sit in it for long periods. Thats only my opinion and it could obviously be different for your LO’S.

What do you regret purchasing ? xx


3 thoughts on “Do not waste your pennies!

  1. Kohl Mama says:

    Oh this is soooo true! I’m am SO glad we didn’t buy a double buggy when our second was born as we wouldn’t have used it. I would have to agree and add kt that a Moses basket! Used maybe 4 times in 3 years. We gave it away! X

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  2. Chic and Alluring Blog says:

    I don’t regret purchasing anything! Lol. But only because I bought the bare minimums: changing table; cribs & mattresses; baby bathtub (so I can bathe my boys while standing up instead of crouching or sitting), and other baby furniture.

    Oh, I do regret buying mittens; they always fell off and were lost forever. Lol.


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