Life lately ?

Hi lovelies,

So i just wanted to do a little update on life at the moment, i have been neglecting this little blog of mine. I do have my reasons.

I have taken the plunge and gone back into education!! Im slightly crazy i know but Its pretty exciting but at the same time Has been a ball of stress as its been difficult trying to juggle home life, studies and generally everything (I am not great multi tasking lol). It was definitely a terrifying decision as i was worried who would have kiyan and if it was a good move to make or would it just cause more problems.

Don’t get me wrong i love being a full time mummy but lets face it i don’t think we will have anymore kiddies anytime soon and since having our son it has opened my eyes to the world and make me really think what do i want to do? what am i passionate about? Every one seems to know what they want to do in life and before kiyan i never really knew what i wanted to do. Kind of fell in and out of jobs and just not being passionate about.

But since becoming a mum has definitely inspired me to be something greater and make sure our little family has everything and thats another reason why i choose to go back into education and start a new career! 🙂

Are you going back to work/education after having your little ones?

Love to hear from you xx


2 thoughts on “Life lately ?

  1. stephanieanne1992 says:

    I’m going back to work next month; I know what you mean I love being with Rebecca but she is still really young and I don’t want to miss a few first things ): but I will still be with her 4days a week and I still have my mornings and evenings with her.
    But I will be learning to while i’m working and having to do some at home, so if you have any advise for juggling them both I will really appreciate it,
    Good Luck with the studying. What are you studying?


    • steffaniegolian says:

      How exciting steph! So happy for you. Im studying beauty therapy which is something ive always wanted to do. Definitely challenging but it will all be worth it :). Its almost like my day off when i go to college as its time away from everything lol xxx


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