***Recipe of the week ***

***Annabel Karmel Spaghetti Bolognese  ***

This kiyans ultimate favourite meal ever. Its super quick and easy so i thought i would share it with you lovelies. Its great to freeze and can add some mixed veggies to brighten it up. Ive kind of altered a little but check out her cook book for the complete recipe.


Ingredients : 

  • Turkey mince (Or which ever you prefer) I like turkey as its juicer and tends to not be dry.
  • Onions (I use frozen from Asda, super quick don’t need to faff around with chopping)
  • Garlic ( also frozen from Asda)
  • Passata
  • Pasta (Either long or shaped ones)
  • Frozen veggies
  • Vegetable stock cube ( I’ve also used chicken & was yummy)
  • Thyme , Parsley, Oregano ( all dried is fine)
  • Olive oil

Directions – 

  1. In a pan heat up a tiny bit of olive oil, sauté your onions and garlic until soft.
  2. Add your mince meat and cook until brown.
  3.  While you are doing this get your boiling water ready and start to boil pasta in a separate pan cook until soft.
  4. Once your mince meat is brown, add your passata sauce and also add your stock cube ( i use half a cup of water with stock cube)
  5. Leave to simmer for 10-15 mins on medium heat.
  6. Add you frozen mixed veg and let that simmer again for a further 5 mins.
  7. Add your herbs and also taste, if you need to season further.

Hope you like it as much as we do 🙂 Enjoy xxx


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