Super scrimping mummy!

Hi lovelies,

So i just wanted to share a few money saving ideas/tips we do in our household that has helped us not break the bank balance.
As you know having a family/children its not cheap and you have endless things you must buy and its a constant battle of not breaking your budge etc.

1. Firstly is plan your meals!!!
We have a magnetic notice board which you can put in the kitchen to write the menu of the week.
Me and my husband one night a week when we have a spare minute decide what sort of meals we fancy during the week & from there we can jot down the things we need for groceries which helps us budget and being organised is the key to not splurging on unnecessary things whilst you are going past the naughty aisle.

2. Make your babies food.
I must admit when i first started to wean kiyan i did reach for the ready made jars as i kept telling myself silly reasons like oh it will save time, kiyan will like it more and so on. let me tell you while i was giving jars he was incredibly fussy with texture as you know the jarred baby food are bland and always are the same consistency so when i gave him more lumpier things he wouldn’t have it. Not to mention it was ridiculously expensive and every week we would have to stock up & would never last.
Since making his food he is open to new foods & loves all different textures, yes it is time consuming but your baby is getting the best and it last so much longer as you can store it in the freezer.

3. Don’t always go for the bigger brands.
The brands that don’t have all the hype are just as good. You don’t have to buy the most expensive nappies etc, Keep a look out for deals and baby events.

4.Buy second hand.
You don’t have to always buy new things, sometimes buying something second hand can be just as good or even better knowing you found yourself a bargain.

5. Use coupons / discount codes.

Hope these have been helpful 🙂


Steff xx


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