Postpartum rant!


Thought i would touch on a few topics that all us mummies go through once having a baby…

Obviously having a baby it puts a ridiculous amount of pressure on your relationship and you forget about life way before your bundle of joy came. You argue about silly things such as who didn’t do this and so on. Its important to have time out from being parents and remembering all the little things. Make an effort to go on a date night every so often, you will both appreciate it and gives mummy a chance to doll herself up and let her hair down. Just because you become parents doesn’t mean everything has to end and you cant do spontaneous things.

Hair loss? Ahuh.. i hear you sister!
Ever since having kiyan my hair has ridiculously gotten thinner and I’m always leaving a trail of hair where ever i go, not to mention little one thinking its funny to pull on mummy’s hair. I find putting it up in a bun really helpful and obviously practical. While i do that i usually put a strengthening mask and let it really soak into my hair. Also not washing my hair too much and just putting dry shampoo in between washes.

That mummy belly?! I’m sure every mum is feeling the same. Its just not the same? Thats how i feel, no matter what i do it always feels jiggly & Blergh! But then i think that jiggly mess was my babys home for 9 months and now i have his cheeky smile to look at every day. I think its perfectly normal to feel insecure about certain things. Our body went through so much and it takes time to go back to how things were. Don’t dwell too much on silly things like oh i need to lose such and such amount of weight . Enjoy every minute of your babies life as it goes too quick, they don’t stay small forever 😦

Please share any of your postpartum worries? I’d love to hear them.



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