Kiyan turns ONE!

So the time has come that my not so little baby has turned 1. I never thought i would feel so emotional that he would be reaching 1, i think a lot of thoughts are running through my head that he’s gotten so big already & slowly he wont need his mummy :(.
Its crazy how quickly the time has flown by and makes me reminisce.
I can still remember the day we brought him home & i was completely pooping myself of the thought I’m an ‘actual mum’ lol.
For me while i was pregnant i was in my own little world & it didn’t click in my head that after these 9 months i will be a mother who will have to act responsibly and do ‘mummy’ things.
I cant express how much my life how changed for the better and i don’t remember my old life. Before i had Kiyan i felt like i didn’t have any meaning and since becoming his mummy my life has so much purpose & love. He brings us so much joy.


Now that he has turned one i cant wait for all the other milestones & lil adventures.

Here are a few things I’m looking forward too,

•Saying mummy & daddy.
•Saying i love you.
•Running around the park.
•Starting nursery.
•Hopefully having a brother or sister in the future. (In the distant future lol)

And so much more… 🙂

How did you feel that your baby was turning 1? Was you emotional?



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