Our daily routine

Hi guys,

Terribly sorry i have been slightly Mia recently as i have a fair bit going on at the moment. I am currently about to embark a new and exciting opportunity in terms of my career.

So todays post is about our daily routine, his routine has pretty much been the same since he was a few months old with the exception to giving milk 2-3 hours etc but i thought this would be useful to anyone who may be contemplating a routine for their LO or just to have a look to what we do.
when Kiyan was smaller i read things like this to see if we had similar routines to others, being a first time mum you constantly want to know if your doing it right but obviously theres no right or wrong. Do what’s best for you and your family! 🙂


8:00am – Kiyan wakes up. We let him play on his cot which he is happily does, we watch him over the camera and get abit more of sleep in the mean time.

8:45/9:00am – We bring him into our bedroom for a bit of cuddles/giggles then we also dress him for the day.

9:15am – He has breakfast in his highchair while watching abit of kiddies telly.

10:00am – Play time.

10:30am – He will usually has 7oz milk (depending on his mood he will have a morning nap which will last til 12ish).

12:30pm – Lunch time.

1:30pm – We go for a walk to get fresh air / play dates.

2:30pm – He will usually fall asleep in the car / buggy.

A little snack in between / it used to be a 7oz bottle but he just plays around with it now so we have replaced with a snack and he isn’t too fussed.

4:00 -5:15pm – Dinner, usually tidy up while he is in highchair toys etc and make his bedtime bottle ready along with his pjs.

6:15pm – Run bath, start to calm down for bed, a lil play while in bath with his toys.

6:35pm – Put pjs on, rub some baby cream to relax, then read a book. Followed by a bottle of 7oz and cuddles his favourite teddy bear.

This routine works for our family as we get to enjoy our early evenings with my partner, if he does wake up in the night he will settle himself, he doesn’t have anymore milk during the night.
If we find that the routine needs tweaking then we would usually moves things around but for now its working well, both mummy and and daddy are getting a good amount of sleep & Kiyan wakes up a happy bunny.

I’d love to know what you mummies routines are ?


Steff xx


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