What’s in my bag?

Hey lovelies,

Thought i would do a what’s in my bag post & also what bag i use on a daily basis which is practical with a baby!

The bag i use is from Dorothy Perkins which retails for £25, which is fairly reasonable for a bag/pack back, unfortunately its not real leather. Its really practical for a mummy who is constantly on the go and as you may know its slightly hard sometimes carrying a full on handbag with you when your out with little one as you need all the arms you can get! I find this bag really useful because i can easily put it on my back & still look stylish at the same time, it fits quite a fair bit too.

Ive noticed backpacks becoming really fashionable lately, if you had asked me a few years ago i would of completely said no but now the high street is really bringing out cute designs.


Now to what i carry with me , which is not very much the essentials –


• My fake Louis Vuitton purse which my dad got me from the Philippines lol which I’m not too overly fussed that its a fake. In my opinion its a very good looking fake! 🙂 just holds my bank cards, loyalty cards & obviously money.

• My sunglasses, which are avaitors. Never know when you need to whip them out.

• House keys & also car cars.

• Chewing gum.

• Sophie the giraffe, just incase i need to give Kiyan something to entertain him while we are out ( usually carry some more little toys with me in his changing bag).

•Oyster card.

• Carmex, i like to moisturise my lips throughout the day.

• Note back & pen to write down any blog ideas or to write lists so i don’t forget (Blame the mummy brain).

Here are a few I’m crushing on ..


I love reading posts like this, what do you carry on a daily basis ?


Steff xx


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