10 things people don’t tell you!

1. That for the first few weeks of being new parents you will feel like a complete zombie & when people talk to you it will feel like they’re talking a different language and nothing will make sense.

2. You will argue with your partner over the stupidest things.

3. All the endless baby books you read wont prepare you for what’s to come.

4. That no matter how much sleep you try to catch up on, you will always feel tired.

5. That you will sometimes miss your old life.

6. Your photo album on your phone will contain endless pictures of your baby, capturing every single moment (Poop explosions, milk coma’s).

7. You will have contractions while you breast feed so your uterus goes back to its normal size.

8. Having a baby is a constant guessing game to what they may want/need and its ok to not know what your doing.

9. Its not that simple to just walk out the door how you used too pre-baby & its a whole day trip to just go to your local shops.

10. Being parents is about sacrifices & understanding.



Steff xx


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