Baby weight!!

Its a subject every new mother is probably thinking. How the hell am going to lose these dreaded extra pounds??

Before i fell pregnant i led a very healthy lifestyle and went on regular walks & was completely obsessed with Zumba. I also carried this on when i found out i was pregnant as i dont think being pregnant is an excuse to start taking up bad habits. Throughout i tried to still eat healthy and made sure i worked out a few times a week if i was feeling up to it & gave into my cravings once in a while. I made sure i didnt eat for two which i know most mums to be make the mistake of doing which ultimately leads into so many unnecessary complications for yourself & baby,such as pre- eclampsia, baby getting too big and so much more.


I was pretty lucky regarding my weight gain and only put around 2 stone & pretty much lost it by the time i got home from the hospital.
I breastfed as soon i could and highly recommend to give a go as its great way for mummy & baby to bond and also an added bonus for mummy to burn some calories which was the key in helping me lose the baby weight.


But here is a few things that helped me –

• Eat a balanced diet , lots of fruit & vegetables.
•Dont skip – you will tend to eat more later on.
•My fitness pal, great for logging calories. Makes you really think about what your eating.
•Dont constantly snack even when your not hungry (This will be your downfall) if you do make sure its something that will keep you fuller for longer – fruit, nuts, smoothies.
•Plenty of water , avoid fizzy drinks.The calories really add up.
•Gym – I absolutely love escaping to the gym, especially if you’ve had a
a long day, gives you time out from baby & leaves you feeling amazing and energised afterwards. Lifting light weights help you tone and get rid of flab.


Hope a few of these tips help!! 🙂


Steff xx


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