REVIEW – Asda Little angels

I wanted to do a review on the products i use for kiyan on a daily basis which is cost effective for any family who is on a weekly budget like us.

The brand we use is little angels by Asda, we have used these products since he was around 4 weeks old as we found it was really making a hole in our pockets with buying bigger brands, it really does all add up the amount of things you have to buy.

What we use from their range –
1. Nappies 2 packs for £10
2. Nappy cream £1.30
3.Sensitive Baby wipes 6 pack £4.00
4.150 nappy sacks £1.48
5. 56 sterilising tablets 73p

Over all as products we are really happy & always stock up while we are doing our weekly shop. We have had no major poop explosions, Really good quality nappies. No reactions to the creams / bath products.

Big thumbs up from us!

What brands do you use ?


Steff xx


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