How to cope with teething!

I’m sure many parents dread the day their little ones starts teething as you feel like you’ve got the routine down to a tee then all of a sudden you feel like your back to square one. I was always told about what to expect and what sort of symptoms to look out for but with anything its always a guessing game.
I always try to tick off things in my head. Nappy change? Tired? Hungry? Bored? Wind? Hot? Cold? But if little one is still unsettled and you notice the signs then it maybe teething.

Kiyan started showing signs of teething at around 4 months & i remember thinking why is my baby so unhappy and grizzly. I’ve done everything. Am i doing it right ? Then all of a sudden it clicked in my head he’s teething!!

His first tooth didn’t make an appearance till he was around 6 months.

Here are a few signs of teething –

•Red swollen gums
•Flushed cheeks
•A lot of dribbling
•Constant rubbing of gums, putting things into mouth
•Rubbing ears
•Sleepless at night, waking up crying in pain. May want more milk to cope with pain
• Very irritable & unsettled
• Loss of appetite

I think every child is different and you have to do what works best for you and your little one, but here are a few tips from me that worked well for us.


1. A sling – we used a sling quite a lot in the early days as he was so content & mummy was able to get things done without all the stress of crying if we put him down. If it means wearing him around the house then so be it.

2.When baby is old enough cut up hard fruit & vegetables for them to put against their gums, will be able to explore textures and get used to feeling food.

3. Good old calpol, make sure you follow instructions and dont double dose. (Dont give both bonjela & calpol at the same time).

4. Teething toys that you can put into The freezer/fridge.

5.Sophie the giraffe.

6. Fruit ice lollies.

7.Bonjela, rub a bit on your finger or put a bit on his dummy.

8. A spoon.
9.Lots & lots of bibs. You can never have too many. Their will be a lot of dribbling.


Steff xx


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