REVIEW- Motorola digital baby monitor

So we recently went ahead after much debating wether it was really necessary to get the Motorola digital baby monitor which retails for £85 which is pricey seeing as kiyan will be 1 in September.

Our main reasons for purchasing was because me & my partner have a bad habit of running into his room when he makes the tiniest noise and we really want him to settle himself without us.


Super quick & easy to set up, no need to worry about overly techy instalment. We had ours set up in 5 minutes.

The easy controls lets you move the camera both up, down & side ways if little one decides to play instead of sleeping.
You can also speak into the remote and you can hear everything. Theres also infrared light so in the night you can still see clearly.

Both me and my partner are slightly kicking ourself because we wished we had purchased sooner, we have witnessed him doing a few funny things such as biting his cot which i always wondered why it was scratched looking, putting his dummy back in ( which we thought he didn’t know how to do lol) & settling himself by making funny noises and touching his hair.


Very pleased so far with our purchase, it gives us peace of mind he’s safe and that sometimes he’s just being fussy and will eventually knock out within a few minutes of whining without as going in and out.


Steff xx


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