What’s in my changing

Hi lovelies,

I am back again with another post & this time its ” what is in my changing bag”, i absolutely love things like this as i am slightly nosey & like knowing what’s in other mummy’s changing bags.

I have the SKIP HOP changing bag which was from mother care retailing at £65 which was a gift from my lovely sister. Its a gorgeous neutral colour and so morden.
It has so many compartments which is amazing because you have to carry a lot.
It comes with a changing matt which is handy because some changing areas can be quite dirty and its nice to lay your baby on somewhere clean.

Now to what i carry with me on a daily basis..

•Nappies – Which i always restock if i start to run low.
•Nappy cream.
• Nappy sacks.
•I always bring a change of clothes, just incase of any accidents.
•Bibs, can never have to many.
•I also carry bonjela incase kiyan is teething badly.
•Plastic bib for eating and usually prepare his food before we go out, including snacks and a sippy cup.
•TOYS!! As you may know babies can get rather bored easily so go out prepared, bring toys that they love & will entertain them.
•Depending on what time of the day it is i usually bring a bottle of milk.

I have noticed the older kiyan gets, i tend to pack less and less. Unlike when he was a newborn i pretty much took the whole house with me.


Steff xx


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