Recent buys!


M&S gruffalo fluffy hoody // We could not ressist, it’s so soft and the back is so cute & quirky.

Baby boy GAP, hoody & shirt // hese were bought in the sale. Real bargains.

M&S green shirt // another bargain

Clinique even better foundation // i was previously using urban decay naked foundation but needed something with abit more coverage and found it breaking me out, hoping this does the trick. Used this a few years ago and always loved it!

Topshop JONI jeans // Neeeeded a black pair of jeans and these were

What exciting goodies have you bought/lusting over recently ?



Our week so far.

So been a very busy/stressful week so far. With lots going on, we haven’t had a chance to breath!
We have been making the most of family time & catching up with a few play dates here and there. Poor kiyan is teething badly this week which as meant he has been a grizzly bear but regardless he has been making his mama & dada laugh lots in between. We have also been taking advantage of the weather at the moment. Even though it’s very chilly, the sun has been shining so I can’t complain. Lots of nice walks around the park to get some fresh air for mama and baby.
I also took a little trip to Harrow to do some personal bits and got completely lost, my crazy sat nav sometimes takes me to the wrong places :/ but eventually got there in the hand, all thanks to my amazing dad.
Kiyan got to see his favourite uncle this week after so long and you can imagine how happy he was.

I would do anything to be holiday right now and sitting in the sun, with a cocktail in hand Hehe! Dream on.

Anyways, I would to hear how your week is going? X


Do not waste your pennies!

I saw a similar post on Model mummy’s blog and it actually made me giggle and brought me back to when i was pregnant. Put your hands up if you are guilty of the following … Bulk buying anything and everything imaginable? Lets face if when your first time parents you have no clue where to start & what your going to need and you are lured into the world of advertising and naturally just buy things that you think yeah were going to need this. But let me tell you don’t waste your money.

Here is a list of a few things we bought and ended up being useless to us.

Baby bath?

We did not even use this once & collected dusk in his wardrobe. At the first i was completely terrified of giving kiyan a bath and the thought of holding him one handed scared me incase my hands slipped. So we always either top and tailed him or he had a bath with one of us.

Cute little outfits?

Lets face it. The first few weeks/months you will be so tired that you won’t want to be faffing around with little outfits when you will both be sleeping/ in bed for most of the time and you will most likely put on this gorgeous/expensive out and it will either get milk vomit/poop on it to only be changed again in 5 seconds.

Nappy bins?

Do not even waste your money to get a separate nappy bin. It stinks and end of!

Cute soft teddy bears?

Were so guilty of this and before you knew it we had a complete army of soft lil teddy bears just collecting dusk. They will not care for them, you are better off getting maybe a learning/stimulating toy. Even til this day kiyan will not even acknowledge the teddy bears in his room.

Baby shoes?

Don’t even bother! We pent way too much money getting stupid little shoes and they kept slipping off and before you knew it his little footsies grew. Save it til when they are crawling/walking.


We only used a couple of times. Wasn’t even useful and kiyan couldn’t sit in it for long periods. Thats only my opinion and it could obviously be different for your LO’S.

What do you regret purchasing ? xx

My top 5 nail polishes!

I wanted to share my Current go to nail polishes that i am reaching for lately! I am constantly changing my nail colour depending my mood ( Not sure if anyone else doe this lol), my outfits & generally when I’m bored. Its such a girly thing to do and instantly brightens your mood. 🙂

**From left to right**

Collection in Bear nude – Great Neutral colour and super affordable & does the job.

Barry M in Raspberry – Super in love with this colour and goes with everything. I’m always grabbing this when i feel like i need a pop of colour without going over board. It is darker on the nails with two coats, Its very A/W colour.

Barry M in Damson – Great colour when your feeling like a change and i do find barry m polishes great as my nails hardly chip considering i am constantly washing up etc.

Barry M in Elderberry – Adore this colour! Its almost a duck egg colour and suits  everything in my wardrobe without clashing.

Rimmel in Grape Sorbet – This is a cute colour which has a little shimmer, also really affordable and durability is good for a drug store brand.

Whats your current fav nail polishes? xx

Life lately ?

Hi lovelies,

So i just wanted to do a little update on life at the moment, i have been neglecting this little blog of mine. I do have my reasons.

I have taken the plunge and gone back into education!! Im slightly crazy i know but Its pretty exciting but at the same time Has been a ball of stress as its been difficult trying to juggle home life, studies and generally everything (I am not great multi tasking lol). It was definitely a terrifying decision as i was worried who would have kiyan and if it was a good move to make or would it just cause more problems.

Don’t get me wrong i love being a full time mummy but lets face it i don’t think we will have anymore kiddies anytime soon and since having our son it has opened my eyes to the world and make me really think what do i want to do? what am i passionate about? Every one seems to know what they want to do in life and before kiyan i never really knew what i wanted to do. Kind of fell in and out of jobs and just not being passionate about.

But since becoming a mum has definitely inspired me to be something greater and make sure our little family has everything and thats another reason why i choose to go back into education and start a new career! 🙂

Are you going back to work/education after having your little ones?

Love to hear from you xx

***Recipe of the week ***

***Annabel Karmel Spaghetti Bolognese  ***

This kiyans ultimate favourite meal ever. Its super quick and easy so i thought i would share it with you lovelies. Its great to freeze and can add some mixed veggies to brighten it up. Ive kind of altered a little but check out her cook book for the complete recipe.


Ingredients : 

  • Turkey mince (Or which ever you prefer) I like turkey as its juicer and tends to not be dry.
  • Onions (I use frozen from Asda, super quick don’t need to faff around with chopping)
  • Garlic ( also frozen from Asda)
  • Passata
  • Pasta (Either long or shaped ones)
  • Frozen veggies
  • Vegetable stock cube ( I’ve also used chicken & was yummy)
  • Thyme , Parsley, Oregano ( all dried is fine)
  • Olive oil

Directions – 

  1. In a pan heat up a tiny bit of olive oil, sauté your onions and garlic until soft.
  2. Add your mince meat and cook until brown.
  3.  While you are doing this get your boiling water ready and start to boil pasta in a separate pan cook until soft.
  4. Once your mince meat is brown, add your passata sauce and also add your stock cube ( i use half a cup of water with stock cube)
  5. Leave to simmer for 10-15 mins on medium heat.
  6. Add you frozen mixed veg and let that simmer again for a further 5 mins.
  7. Add your herbs and also taste, if you need to season further.

Hope you like it as much as we do 🙂 Enjoy xxx

First year update!!

So our precious baby boy has turned one so i thought i would do a little update on his milestones and what he has been getting up too on a daily basis :).


In terms of miles stones he knows how to walk now!!! Yayy. He is still mastering the art of walking but is definitely finding his feet which is amazing but obviously makes my heart jump :/ He basically started to furniture hop at first and slowly slowly just taking little steps and then built more confidence. It really makes my heart melt seeing him go from a tiny tiny baby to this little human walking around. He wears his Clarks cruiser shoes on a daily basis to find his bearings on his feet and until he is really confident then we will get him proper walking shoes.

He definitely is so much more interactive he is always chasing us around the house and wanting us to chase him. He babbles in his own little sims language and will say mama, dada, baba (which is Persian for dad) – my husband has started to speak Persian to him as we really want him to know where he came from & obviously know the language we speak. I also have been speaking little bits of filipino as i am half pinay and its great he will be learning different languages.

He also very much understands the word ‘No’ but obviously sometimes he chooses not to listen and will let out a huffing noise, i won’t be enforcing naughty step etc until maybe when he’s two as i feel he is still young to understand but i sure he gets praises when he is doing something good and knows when he is doing something bad.

With food he is absolutely great! *hallelujah* touch wood that doesn’t change, he will pretty much eat anything and everything and if he isn’t too keen i will keep offering. I don’t blend/puree his food anymore he eats what we eat or sometimes i will cook batches of food to freeze for his dinners as we eat a bit later and lunch would usually be something simple like finger food. We have embraced the baby led weaning style and i can’t fault it. its really great for them to explore and obviously gives you a spare minute to have a tea or in my case get ready!


He still drinks milk in the morning and usually when he goes to bed, we are currently trying to cut out an afternoon one which i am offering snacks to substitute it.

In regards to naps he will usually take a long one in the morning if not he will definitely take one in the afternoon. Its different everyday but that what usually happens but sometimes he does fight it and may just have a power nap in the car if we are going out. He doesn’t fall asleep in his pushchair anymore. He is always smiling & giggling. Watching the world around him, he is a very curious bubba which i love as he is always making me smile when we are out shopping.

He knows how to lap his hands, pretend to be on the phone and he loves to say bye bye Lol.

Overall its such a great age at the moment. I am constantly smiling and laughing at all the crazy things he is doing & still amazes me how quickly it has gone.

My advice to myself when i am having a crappy mummy day is cherish every moment even when you feel like pulling your hair out as they don’t stay small forever 🙂

Love xxx